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Privacy Policy

Real Tree Realty websites strive to minimize data stored and to help maintain your privacy.

Like most websites, Real Tree Realty collects non-personally-identifying information such as browser information, referring sites, and timestamps of usage among other potentially personally-identifying information such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and browser cookies. This information is not rented or sold and is intended be used for analytical purposes.

During your use of Realty Tree Realty websites, you may be asked to provide further identifying information such as your name, address, email address, phone number, or other personally-identifying information with a specific form to fulfill a specific action, such as initiating an online request or payment. We do not rent, sell or share any personally-identifying information you may provide Real Tree Realty with any third party without express written permission.

Real Tree Realty websites may utilize third parties in order to provide you with a better service. These third parties may also be collecting information as per their own privacy policies. The following third party services Real Tree Realty websites may use are: Google Analytics ( and Stripe (

Real Tree Realty websites will retain your personal information only for as long as needed. Real Tree Realty websites will retain minimal logs and records necessary to the operation or development of the website.

You may request a copy of any information Real Tree Realty may hold about you by sending by email or physical mail. You may request the rectification, restriction, and/or deletion any of you personal information provided to Real Tree Realty websites by email or physical mail.

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time at Real Tree Realty's sole discretion. The last update of this policy was on Mar 19, 2024. Continued use of Real Tree Realty websites after any change will constitute your acceptance of such change.

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